Why a pair of work boots could benefit your drumming

With Covid restrictions being eased the music industry have a chance to finally get back to work. Although as promised on October 22nd, Covid restrictions were supposed to be lifted with rising case numbers the government back tracked on that promise. Because of this vaccine passports are needed to go to music concerts, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Although this is a welcome arrangement as at least it allows the music industry to get playing again and earn some money.

work boots for drums

Now that bands are booking gigs again many people are making changes to their music setup from the various lock-downs that were in place. I actually downgraded my drum kit during lockdown. I have the same drum kit but I am now only using 2 toms instead of 5 which I originally had. I made this decision based on the reality that unless I am playing hardcore metal I do not really need so many Toms and this space is best utilized by adding some more cymbals instead.

I also added new drum skins from Xmusic which actually really made a difference to the sound of my drum kit. Another change I made which might sound a bit strange is I accidentally used my steel toe work boots to play drums one day and I found that it actually makes a difference to the base drum sound. The work boot obviously has a hard sole and tip of the shoe so that means I could really go hard on the pedal which gives a fuller sound. I know this may sound strange but if you have a pair of work boots you should give it a go. If not they can be gotten for pretty cheap from the work boots Ireland website.

Having less toms makes my kit much easier to transport and the setup time is also reduced. With these few changes I actually only spent about €150 so it didn’t break the bank. The skins were about €120 and the work boots I already owned. These are only about €40 anyway so it is a pretty cheap setup for what is a big difference in the sound. Please let us know about any upcoming gigs in the comments if you are local as we are always happy to see new bands!


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