First and Last at the Regatta!

Ok so it’s time to get the ball rolling on our new website and we played the regatta down in Wicklow last weekend which was a great few days for all involved. We actually had 2 sets to play one of which was indoor and one of which was outdoor as seen in the pictures in the gallery. The pictures admittedly are not great (as you might have noticed) as we forgot our camera so had to use Toms refurbished iphone 5S…thanks Tom!

Our first set was in one of the local hotels and we played a quick 6 song set consisting mainly of some blues and a bit of hendrix! For the outdoor set we picked things up a bit with some AC/DC and some original songs which we have been working on. We had a problem with one of our samplers for the outdoor gig. The way it usually works is that we connect it via WIFI with our mac laptop but as we were outside there was no WIFI signal and thus we had to drop a few songs as the wifi booster we had wasn’t strong enough to pick up the signal from the pub behind us.

The outdoor gig was on the Saturday and once we were done we could let our hair down for the rest of the weekend. We have more pics on our phone and waiting for Tom to send them over and we will upload when we can!