Which Digital Dash Camera Should You Buy?

As a former instructor in television and video production and still employed in the field, I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked advice on, “Which brand of video camera should I buy”, or, “what video editing software should I get?”. In this installment, I will try to answer the first question. I will get to the second question in another segment.

In any case, what should you buy? Well, I could list a bunch of different camera brands and models, or tell you what my favorite camera is, but by now, you have heard a thousand suggestions for your question. Besides, next year’s model will have even more features than the one you buy this year. Here is my advice. This is what I do when spending my hard earned cash for anything, especially if it is electronic. First off, find one to three cameras that you are interested in, and research them. Do not look up the manufacturer’s opinion of the model. You know what that will be. Research the web message boards about the camera. Read how one compares to the other by people who actually own them or have used them. Read about their opinions on camera functionality, sturdiness and reliability. Also, do not just ask questions already answered in past posts, it irritates some people. Put in a little effort on your part and search through the archived posts. It is just being considerate of others who are providing the information.

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Next, ask yourself what you want the camera for, and what features do you need. Do you want to make money from your investment, or just have fun? Will you need all of the camera’s features? Let us start with camera output quality. Many people may argue with me on this, but I will say it anyway. Look, if you want to just capture your kid’s birthday party, buy a name brand digital video camera with lots of auto features and go for it. The same goes for those wanting to make videos for the web. What does the quality of the camera matter when you are crunching the video down to 320×200 pixels, or even a whopping 640×480? Using proper lighting techniques, you can use an old VHS camera (752×485) for that. Unless you want to edit in HD with professional results, many digital video cameras will put out at least 1024×768. That should be sufficient for most needs. Even so, you probably want your camera to have an ability to produce a picture that will output to wide screen HDTV. Should your camera have three CCD video chips? Yes, but if you plan to connect your camera via s-video and not firewire for editing or dubbing, then it becomes irrelevant using three CCDs. See the above article for that. Just about any name brand digital video camera will suit most purposes in many instances, unless you absolutely must have one that will further your career, or income. The most you have to worry about is being able to connect your camera to a computer for editing. You will also need a video capture card on your computer that has video inputs. Which inputs depend on what output connections you camera has.

What matters now is connectivity and compatibility. For a video camera, firewire is the most desirable connection because it carries video, audio and other information to your computer at the camera’s highest capacity. You would also want your camera to have an s-video output connection to hook up to a video projector, monitor or DVD recorder. By the way, for those of you with older video cameras having composite (RCA) connections, you do not necessarily need a new camera to make videos on a computer, if that is all you want to do. All you need is an inexpensive video capture card for your computer with RCA input connections. When it comes to audio connections, it again depends on the purpose you plan to use your camera. If you want the best audio possible, find a camera with XLR (low impedance) audio connections. These cameras are semi-pro cameras, and more expensive. Some have two-channel stereo, it is like having four audio channels. Some digital video cameras will record audio and video in digital format. If this is what you are looking for, look for standard compatibility (MPEG, WAV, etc.) unless you just have to have state of the art formats. If none of this matters, then simple RCA audio output connections will suffice. Separated stereo audio inputs would be the best option for a camera. This way, you can plug in a microphone or even a CD player to your camera while you are taping. You may want your camera to take still pictures, and most do. Just check to see if the still picture matches in size and compatibility to suit your needs, most probably will.

Well, what about camera features and effects? First off, most cameras have similar features, and they are usually automatic features. Most cars dashcam have backlight, gain, white balance, filters and other similar features. They may just have different names for them. If you really want control over your camera, look for a camera that can shut off the auto features. Most do, but what are you left with when you turn them off? What I mean is if you turn off the auto focus, what does the camera have to manually focus? I have seen cameras with a little thumb wheel to manually focus. If you plan to use your camera more like a professional does, make sure it has a large enough lens and focus ring. A manual iris and macro ability would be desirable too. The most desirable cameras are those with removable and interchangeable lenses. Focal length, optical capacity, and f-stop settings are also considerations. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you probably don’t need it.

The zoom control of your camera should have pressure control, not one speed. This is important if you want steady zooms that you can control. Also, make sure that the zoom control is not too small or sensitive. If it is, it will be difficult to control. You should be able to apply light pressure while zooming, controlling the speed at will. There should not be a lot of play or this will cause you to uncontrollably speed up or completely stop during a zoom. What I am describing is a semi-pro, or professional camera. This will set you back a few thousand dollars. If you intend on making money from your camera, look for these features. Overall, look for quality cameras. I have seen cameras costing a thousand or two with little itty-bitty connections and knobs that easily break off, and if you use your camera often enough to make money, they usually do. Seek solidly built construction in your camera.

In regards to the special effects and title options they build into cameras, if you want them, get them. Just understand that effects and titles are normally done in post, or editing. What you preferably want to record is a clean and well-lit video image, and that’s it. This is how they do it in a professional world anyway. They want the cleanest images possible. If they want an effect, or special look to the video, they will do it in lighting the scene, or post-production editing. The camera is only the eye they see through and capture images. Like I said before, if most of this does not matter to you, then do some research, and get a brand name digital video camera. Most importantly, have fun with it.

Are Electric Scooters The Answer To Our Air Pollution?

The future is almost here and it may sound strange but electric bikes, scooters and skateboards could be the way to reduce our dependency on cars. As one of the leading tech cities in the world San Francisco has become the first city to really embrace the electric scooter technology and if they can work there then they can work anywhere as anyone who has been to San Fran knows that the city is extremely steep. A big tourist trade in the city is renting small electric cars so you can tour the city at your own pace. These were first brought in almost 15 years ago. Today we are now looking at people buying their own electric scooters to get around the city.

Traveling by electric scooter around a city is actually quicker than using a car whilst also saving money on fuel and cutting down on carbon emissions. The opportunity here is huge but will the major cities around the world take to it? According to the Medium website transportation is now more polluting than all the other things combined. Electric cars have not really taken off. Their range is too limited and they take too long to charge. In short the technology is just not there yet but that is not to say that in the future this isn’t something that will take off.

Electric scooters however are much easier to use and they have a good distance on them as well as being really affordable. The technology is already there for people to use these on the regular and hopefully this can contribute to saving our cities from smog. If you visit the electric scooter Ireland website you can see that they can be purchased for as little as €299. That is very cheap for what you are getting and how much would they save you in a year when compared with public transport or your own car?





Tips on buying a used iPhone or smartphone online

Many people buy second hand iPhone’s and smartphones for the obvious reason that they are saving money when compared with buying a new phone. However it is wise to take precautions when doing this and avoid being scammed. There are many classified ads websites out there such as done deal and ebay with thousands of products being sold every day. So what can you do to ensure that you are getting a good deal as opposed to being the next victim for the all to common scams.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to see if the seller is verified on which ever website you are on. Most classifieds ads website will have a way to check if the user has verified there identity as well as address. If the seller is verified then you can be one step closer to confirming that he/she is legit. It is also worth checking just how long the seller has been around and selling on that particular website. The longer they have been around the better as they could not continue to scam people and then keep the same seller account.

iphones for sale safety tips

The next thing to do is to check the feedback the seller has. If the feedback is mostly positive then that is another good sign. Most sellers will have some sort of negative feedback as it is hard to keep everyone happy but the majority of the feedback should be positive.

When buying an iPhone in particular you should ask the seller if it is network unlocked and to which network. As if it is locked to a network you are not on then it will be no use to you even if the seller is legit. Another thing to do is to check the IMEI number which is basically a serial number given to that particular iPhone. If the iPhone was stolen then it can be bricked via the IMEI number again meaning that the phone may be stolen.

The best way to not get scammed when buying a second hand iPhones for sale is to buy from a prestigious website like phonesforsale.ie that give a good support service and back up.

Difference between professional and home kit teeth whitening

If you are not satisfied with the way, your teeth look and is planning to whiten it there are two ways of doing it, seek professional help or do it yourself using home kits for teeth whitening. However, before you buy your supplies for the DIY teeth whitening, there are some things you must consider such as whether home kits are valid and if it is safe to administer without professional assistance?

The best teeth whitening kit products for teeth whitening are mild and less effective as the primary agent (Carbide peroxide) content is lesser, which will not give the desired brightness to your teeth. While professionals have a proficient working knowledge about the procedure, lapse of time, and the amount of solution needed to produce the desired result.

There is no harm in carrying out the process of whitening by yourself except that the kind of result from such procedures will render you to keep doing it multiple times which is tiring. Additionally, using a bleaching solution without a proper watch on the dosage and time limit can lead to the danger of damaging your tooth enamel permanently as it is sensitive and treating it is expensive.

There are specific facts that most people are not aware of teeth, like for teenagers it is not safe to go through teeth whitening because even if most of their teeth may have grown the enamel takes time to mature. The chemical contents in the bleaching solution can have a dangerous effect on their teeth and can damage it permanently.

So, there is no harm in administering teeth whitening procedure at home with home kit products. But, getting professional help will go a long way in not just getting the desired result instantly but also gain valuable tips to continue maintaining healthy and clean teeth.

Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Safe?

Listening to your favorite music with the headphones will be the best way to unwind and relax, enjoying the music without disturbing people around you. But, can your choice of the headphones have a great impact on hearing? We are looking at a risk of the recreational hearing loss or why you must consider using the noise cancelling headphones.

The higher the volume, higher will be the risk

The recreational hearing loss generally encompasses the overexposure to the loud noise because of different types of entertainment – no matter whether it is music players to sports events to concerts. It is also the growing problem, which is mainly prevalent among the younger people.

Is your listening habit putting your hearing at risk?

Young people can be at the higher risk of developing the hearing problems with daily activities. They must be aware that when you lose the hearing, it will not come back. Taking some simple preventive actions can enable the people to continue enjoying themselves without putting any risk to your hearing. Safe listening threshold in 85 decibels is 8 hours, but at 100 dB, you are at risk of hearing damage after only 15 min.

Why noise cancelling headphones work?

For protecting your ears, it’s suggested that you listen music at 60% of maximum volume, and lower. One method to enjoy your favorite music at the lower volume is using the noise cancelling headphones or earphones. Often reason that people turn on the music devices up very loud is drown out background noise. The best wireless headphones will work to muffle the ambient sound; it means you may listen at a lower volume. They will work by detecting predominant sound waves across you via the miniature microphone, and before producing an opposite sound wave pattern in earpieces themselves. When two different kinds of sound waves combine, they will cancel each other, and resulting in the near-silence.

What is the best Android Box for 2017?

buyer beware android tv boxAndroid boxes have exploded onto the scene over the last few years and there is now a huge range available all over the internet. They come in all shapes and sizes and are priced from as low as €50.00 all the way up to over €200. I see many people who are not very tech savvy making the mistake of thinking that the €50 box is better value then a box that is €150.00 but this is not always the case. Many of the android boxes been sold for under €100.00 are often very basic and have a slow processor and the minimal amount of RAM. An android box should come with at least 2GB of RAM to be able to run smoothly especially if you are planning on running Kodi on the box which is hugely resource intensive.

Some other things to look out for when buying an android box is the speed of the processor. AMD processors are quite good and are often affordable. I would not purchase an android box that does not have a good quad core or even octa core AMD processor. Any less than this and the box will struggle when put under pressure opening multiple apps and doing other important processes. Pioneers of the android box like https://www.androidtvboxes.ie also the stress the important of making sure the box is not a cheap clone like many of the TV boxes on sites like ebay and amazon. Most of the good android boxes are made in the same factory and will come with an AMD processor, DDR3 RAM all from the original manufacturer.

So if you see a box for €50 being sold you can be guaranteed that it is a cheap 1GB RAM box that will more than likely crash every time you try to run Kodi. Also a lot of these boxes brick after a few months which means they are useless and are not able for the necessary firmware upgrades. So buyer beware when purchasing your android box and use a reputable company that offer a warranty on their products.

What you should know before getting an Android TV Box

Everyone would be familiar with the word TV and it is the one which helps to know many things. With the help of the TV you can able to know everything that is happening in and around the world. But you can watch TV only from your home and it would be so hard for you to carry your TV to the place wherever you go. The special feature of the Android Tv box is that it is a TV which runs with the android operating systems and according to androidtvaustralia.com you need android 6.0 to run the new version of Kodi.. The main advantage of using this android TV are many and you no need to skip any of your TV shows because you can watch all the shows lively where ever you go. It is a handy device which would be easy for you to carry to all the places.

  • You can directly install them in your latest smart phones and in your other tablets and mobile phones easily.
  • When you want to use the android TV you have to make use of that only in your latest versions.

Now it is the most famous one and many new users had made use of the android TV. It had been build up by using the TV as well as by using the stand alone digital media players. User can make use of the entire Google play store and the TV recommendation and it is divided into the different set of the sections. You can able to get your latest updates through the recommendation from the top. Then you can also make use of the media application and the other games mode on the bottom of the game.

It acts as the multiple bridges where you can make use of all different things

Be smarter in your works and in your action with the help of the android TV box. You can able to buy your own set of the boxes with the different price lists which you are convenient to use.

  • The android TV box would be a portable device and this come with the multiple cables supporting system.
  • You can able to fix your power adapter and the USB adapter and the cable and then you can place next to your television.
  • Now it is not hard for you to load and to uninstall the different set of the software and the other set of the programs.
  • The android TV boxes would offer you the latest generation setups.

usb adapterYou can able to get lots of benefits and comforts when you use your android TV boxes in your home. This device would be so handy to use and which makes your all sharing work easy like the sharing of your photo, videos and the other things. It also would support for the flash with the high definition with the 1080p video and you can enjoy entirely a different game playing experiences.

As like its usages it would be easy for you to set in the place where you need and just plug in. Then connect the compatible TV with the HDMI port and which would be set ready for you to boot the process. Instead of using the usual TV you can use some different TV box and have lots of fun as well you can enjoy a lot.