Music industry hit hard by Covid

Like many industries not least the hotel and aircraft industry there are other knock on affects that are not getting as much publicity. Of course all businesses are affected, mostly in a bad way. Even small businesses like barbers in cities are struggling as many offices are closed in many large cities the CBD is much quieter and this is affecting other local businesses. Cafes and Restaurants are also facing dire straights for this reason.

Music festivals face devastating blow from coronavirus | Financial Times

With many people opting not to go to the city it is looking like many more businesses will close in winter when things are only going to get worse. The music industry is another big industry which no one is talking about getting hit by the new way of live. Gigs all over the world have been cancelled and this is affecting festivals, comedy gigs but also small local bands. Many bands make a living off of doing local pubs, not to mention the large wedding band industry that can make up to €3,000 or more per gig.

All of these gigs are being hit hard. Many musicians who have no real world work experience will now struggle to replace their incoming. Some are starting small businesses or giving lessons but that is only to survive. Music websites are also suffering as they feel the knock on affects of a lack of music events. Other websites however such as are seeing an increase in online traffic due to covid as many more people move to shopping online.

Going forward 2021 winter is going to be crucial for many businesses. Let us know your story if you are a musician affected by covid.