Are Electric Scooters The Answer To Our Air Pollution?

The future is almost here and it may sound strange but electric bikes, scooters and skateboards could be the way to reduce our dependency on cars. As one of the leading tech cities in the world San Francisco has become the first city to really embrace the electric scooter technology and if they can work there then they can work anywhere as anyone who has been to San Fran knows that the city is extremely steep. A big tourist trade in the city is renting small electric cars so you can tour the city at your own pace. These were first brought in almost 15 years ago. Today we are now looking at people buying their own electric scooters to get around the city.

Traveling by electric scooter around a city is actually quicker than using a car whilst also saving money on fuel and cutting down on carbon emissions. The opportunity here is huge but will the major cities around the world take to it? According to the Medium website transportation is now more polluting than all the other things combined. Electric cars have not really taken off. Their range is too limited and they take too long to charge. In short the technology is just not there yet but that is not to say that in the future this isn’t something that will take off.

Electric scooters however are much easier to use and they have a good distance on them as well as being really affordable. The technology is already there for people to use these on the regular and hopefully this can contribute to saving our cities from smog. If you visit the electric scooter Ireland website you can see that they can be purchased for as little as €299. That is very cheap for what you are getting and how much would they save you in a year when compared with public transport or your own car?





Tips on buying a used iPhone or smartphone online

Many people buy second hand iPhone’s and smartphones for the obvious reason that they are saving money when compared with buying a new phone. However it is wise to take precautions when doing this and avoid being scammed. There are many classified ads websites out there such as done deal and ebay with thousands of products being sold every day. So what can you do to ensure that you are getting a good deal as opposed to being the next victim for the all to common scams.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to see if the seller is verified on which ever website you are on. Most classifieds ads website will have a way to check if the user has verified there identity as well as address. If the seller is verified then you can be one step closer to confirming that he/she is legit. It is also worth checking just how long the seller has been around and selling on that particular website. The longer they have been around the better as they could not continue to scam people and then keep the same seller account.

iphones for sale safety tips

The next thing to do is to check the feedback the seller has. If the feedback is mostly positive then that is another good sign. Most sellers will have some sort of negative feedback as it is hard to keep everyone happy but the majority of the feedback should be positive.

When buying an iPhone in particular you should ask the seller if it is network unlocked and to which network. As if it is locked to a network you are not on then it will be no use to you even if the seller is legit. Another thing to do is to check the IMEI number which is basically a serial number given to that particular iPhone. If the iPhone was stolen then it can be bricked via the IMEI number again meaning that the phone may be stolen.

The best way to not get scammed when buying a second hand iPhones for sale is to buy from a prestigious website like that give a good support service and back up.

Difference between professional and home kit teeth whitening

If you are not satisfied with the way, your teeth look and is planning to whiten it there are two ways of doing it, seek professional help or do it yourself using home kits for teeth whitening. However, before you buy your supplies for the DIY teeth whitening, there are some things you must consider such as whether home kits are valid and if it is safe to administer without professional assistance?

The best teeth whitening kit products for teeth whitening are mild and less effective as the primary agent (Carbide peroxide) content is lesser, which will not give the desired brightness to your teeth. While professionals have a proficient working knowledge about the procedure, lapse of time, and the amount of solution needed to produce the desired result.

There is no harm in carrying out the process of whitening by yourself except that the kind of result from such procedures will render you to keep doing it multiple times which is tiring. Additionally, using a bleaching solution without a proper watch on the dosage and time limit can lead to the danger of damaging your tooth enamel permanently as it is sensitive and treating it is expensive.

There are specific facts that most people are not aware of teeth, like for teenagers it is not safe to go through teeth whitening because even if most of their teeth may have grown the enamel takes time to mature. The chemical contents in the bleaching solution can have a dangerous effect on their teeth and can damage it permanently.

So, there is no harm in administering teeth whitening procedure at home with home kit products. But, getting professional help will go a long way in not just getting the desired result instantly but also gain valuable tips to continue maintaining healthy and clean teeth.