Why are android boxes becoming so big in Australia?

android tv boxMost android TV boxes are very small and some are even inbuilt into the television set. These devices allow for faster streaming of videos, allowing you to view high definition videos with ease. Since many Android devices can also do the same job, there is no standardized definition of an android TV box. These boxes use android compatible hardware and many boxes are based on dual-core ARM processors, while some use A5 cores. These boxes generally use the Mali 400 GPU, which can easily handle 1080p videos and decode a wide range of video formats with ease.

You can also record and store videos in the android TV boxes. Many boxes come with 1 GB RAM and a memory space of 4 to 8 GB as seen on www.androidtvaustralia.com. Although these boxes conventionally use android 4.2, newer versions are incorporated with higher end features. Although mini PC sticks also call themselves TV boxes, these are fairly different from an android TV box. Android TV boxes are more costly and powerful as compared to mini PC sticks. The sticks use a single core while the TV boxes come with dual core. However, the storage capacity of both these devices is almost same.

The popularity of Android TV boxes is basically due to the fact that these devices can work exactly like any other android 4 devices. It allows you to use download and use android apps on the TV. It also allows you to run a web browser and play android games on the TV. You can also download android supported media players and navigate using a control pad.

The android boxes have been gradually gaining popularity. These boxes combined with a mouse or wireless control can be very convenient to use. Some products like G-Box Midnight MX2 and Rikomagic MK802 are more versatile and have received better reviews from its users.

Choosing the right quadcopter for the beginners

Are you looking for a quadcopter? Well, then there must be few questions that may have crossed your mind. The most important and probably the common of the questions are regarding the size of the drone, then the features you need to watch out for and the kind of model that will suit you.

The size of the Quadcopter: this is a very important aspect of a drone. The size of the quadcopter normally depends on where you will be flying it. If you choose a small one, you can fly it indoors but also you will have to be careful as well. In case you can afford a large one, you can choose to fly it outside. But to fly a quadcopter outside, you will need to be more careful, and it can be pretty hard to fly a large size quadcopter at the very beginning.

Features that you should look for

The quadcopter must have 4 channels; this will help you in controlling the quadcopter very easily. You will be able to move it right, left, backward and forward. Also making it go higher or lower will be lot easier. If you are buying the drone for the first time, then it is a must that, you get one with a stabilizer. It does not matter if the quadcopter uses a barometer, gyro or a flight computer but you should get one for sure. If you buy a small one, you will surely have one of these facilities in your drone for sure. The next thing or feature you need to look for is the Dual-Rates. This is a special type of features that helps you to control the quadcopter with limited movement, therefore making it a lot easier to handle. If you choose a drone with High-rate control, then it will be far more difficult than it should be but if you can control it well, you will be able to make advanced maneuvers easily.

Model you should choose

drones irelandIf you search online or visit the local stores, you will see that there are loads of different models of quadcopters available and you can choose any of them. But you should choose a drones that is popular with the others; this is because those quadcopters will allow you to replace the batteries and the propellers when necessary easily and you will also be able to get those spare parts in the market. Whenever you buy a quadcopter, buy some extra batteries as well. Although the batteries used in the drones and the transmitters are rechargeable it won’t always be possible for you to charge your batteries at once and fly the quadcopter again. So, it is better to keep some extras with you.

Go for it!

So, all you need to do is, think a bit about the above points, and decide which quadcopter you should choose from dronesforsale.ie. But remember one thing; if you have a low budget, then buying drones might not be a good choice for you as you will get the best quality and features only in those which are a bit costly. If you have no issues with the budget, you can choose wisely and get the best one for yourself. So Happy flying and enjoy!

Is it safe to purchase a refurbished iPhone?

People are actually looking for the parties which are selling refurbished iPhones. The market has seen new trends due to people preferring the refurbished models over the brand new models. Buying the refurbished model is a bit difficult as Apple has no official store for refurbished iPhones. They keep the stack for the people having issues with their iPhones. The big flow towards the refurbished iPhone has many reasons. Here are some of them.


Of course, the low price of the refurbished sets is the sole reason why people get so attracted to them. iPhone is not a cheap luxury. It costs several hundred dollars. Having such an expensive phone, which may not fulfill your requirement or get changed due to advance model, is surely something to think about. Suppose you have brought a brand new iPhone. In a few hours you get to realize that you have wasted so many dollars as the device doesn’t fulfill your needs and requirements. If you go for a refurbished one, it may protect you from losing so much money. People save hundreds of dollars by choosing a refurbished iPhone.

Improved design

Another advantage of these devices is that they are treated with intense care. Their designs get perfected for the new user. They get the best color and design shape. They get everything polished. These units are inspected for any other physical problem that is yet to come and get resolved.

Software patches

Many brand new iPhones have software issues which are quite extensive. These software glitches may turn your life into a hell. They will interrupt you in every task you are doing. The advantage of having a refurbished iPhone is that all its software problems are resolved. Expert technicians solve all the software related issues, introduce necessary patches and make the phone better than the new one. The technician also looks for the problems that are expected in the future, making the device more reliable and durable.

Having a tested iPhone

The feedback you get from the user is most important. New iPhones have many problems and the company, ask for so much time before the problems get fixed. This can cause your money, time and even patience. By having a refurbished iPhone, it is assured that you are having a phone that has already passed all those phases and is as smooth as anything.

Return policy

One of the best advantages is that these phones have the same return policy period. If a company offers a year’s warranty, then the refurbished is always providing the same return policy. It protects you from the risk of getting a defective piece. If you get a defective iPhone, and it gets evident to you in a few months, you can easily contact your party and let them know your problem. They will surely entertain your request and take immediate actions. These products are taken to the technicians again and get fixed to a whole new lever. Having a third party that offers an equal return policy is a blessing of a refurbished iPhone.

The Advantage of Using Generic Bluetooth Speakers

As a business owner or consumer, you’ll understand wholeheartedly that electronics can be immensely expensive. In order to fit these products into your budget, you’ll need to find the lowest possible deal. For some individuals, this will involve purchasing generic or knockoff products. Although this may seem like a bad ideal, purchasing generic electronics can be incredibly wise, as long as you’re well aware of the potential risks involved. Below, you’ll learn about these risks, so you can determine whether or not knockoff brands are right for you.


First and foremost, you should realize that purchasing knockoff products will generally provide you with a limited warranty, whereas purchasing new will give you a much longer warranty. With this in mind, you will need to find out whether or not the longer warranty is worth the additional money. When buying a lower cost item, this won’t be a major factor, since you can simply replace the item when necessary. For example some of the best bluetooth speakers are generic brands and cost 50% less than the big name brands.

Customer Support

Another thing to remember is that some generic companies may not offer the same customer support as the original manufacturer. Generic companies are known to have bad customer service, so you may or may not be able to acquire help when needed. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Therefore, it will be essential to make sure you carefully research the company in question before making your purchase.

Faulty Goods

Another thing to remember is that purchasing goods from the original manufacturer can provide you with added reassurance. When generic goods, you never really know whether or not the company is worth your time and energy. Buying generic electronics can sometimes be a gamble. Therefore, you need to determine whether or not the risk is really worth the reward.


When it comes down to it, generic products should never be ignored. In some situations, they can be just as good as the alternatives and they could save you an abundance of money. Just make sure you’re well aware of the risks, before rushing forward!

First and Last use an Android TV Box for their stage visuals!

musedronesRecently we have tried to up our game visually when playing shows. Now most venues we play are local bars, hotels and some outdoor gigs so it is not like we have the space or the budget to pull off something like Muse on their drones tour! None the less we would still like to have something unique to make our music come to life and give onlookers who aren’t interested in dancing something else to look at than our ugly frowns! So we have looked at a few budget options and didn’t see anything quite what we were looking for.

The obvious choice was a laptop and a projector which is fine but a big of a pain as the laptop tends to freeze when under pressure with the software we were running. We then found something that we never thought of..actually it was suggested to us to use by a friend. It is called an Android TV Box and it runs like a small computer so is perfect for the small venues we were talking about. It runs an app called Kodi which allows you to customise the software so again that was exactly what we were looking for and it cost less than €100 (we already have a cheap projector!).

So this is what we are stuck with until we make it big! Hopefully it makes our gigs a bit more enjoyable and makes us stand out from the many other good bands on the east coast cicuit!

First and Last at the Regatta! (Updated Pics!)

Ok so it’s time to get the ball rolling on our new website and we played the regatta down in Wicklow last weekend which was a great few days for all involved. We actually had 2 sets to play one of which was indoor and one of which was outdoor as seen in the pictures in the gallery. The pictures admittedly are not great (as you might have noticed) as we forgot our camera so had to use Toms refurbished iphone 5S…thanks Tom! This actually was a life saver but apparently it broke after a month so we had to get one from www.refurbishediphones.ie.

Our first set was in one of the local hotels and we played a quick 6 song set consisting mainly of some blues and a bit of hendrix! For the outdoor set we picked things up a bit with some AC/DC and some original songs which we have been working on. We had a problem with one of our samplers for the outdoor gig. The way it usually works is that we connect it via WIFI with our mac laptop but as we were outside there was no WIFI signal and thus we had to drop a few songs as the wifi booster we had wasn’t strong enough to pick up the signal from the pub behind us.

The outdoor gig was on the Saturday and once we were done we could let our hair down for the rest of the weekend. We have more pics on our phone and waiting for Tom to send them over and we will upload when we can! The pics didn’t turn out great but have a gig this week so will upload them then!